Monday, August 6, 2012

Another iPhone Carrier Option

While reading about the AT&T mobile share plan, I thought about another option.  I'm not saying it's a better option...just an option...because it depends on what you prefer.  Ok, quick story!  A few years ago, I purchased my iPhone overseas unlocked so I could use any carrier and also use the prepaid option if I wanted.  I could change my carrier settings or APN.  When I returned to the U.S., I went to the major iPhone carrier and purchased a prepaid sim thinking my phone is unlocked and I can save money with a prepaid plan.  Data did not work so I went into the settings to change the carrier settings...but the option was gone!  My phone was unlocked but the carrier prevented me from being able to change my APN.  Frustrated, I looked online and found the website below...and my data began working (without jailbreaking).  This all happened a while ago and it looks like the website has grown. Now it provides more options for more carriers around the world.  Let me know if this helps you or what you think about it.  It may not be useful for those on contract.

Another iPhone Carrier Option

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