Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Mavericks Major New Features

OS X 10.9 Mavericks is Apple's latest desktop and laptop operating system.  Apple told us during their special event presentations that there will be over 200 new features.  We will be covering the 10 most important and useful features for you here.  Perhaps the most notable "feature" about this new operating system update is it is completely free!  I watched the Apple announcements and was amazed to hear they were not charging for this update.  The new Mavericks will run on any many Mac desktop and laptop computers made in Mid 2007 that can run Mountain Lion.

Now we will go through a list of the top 10 new Mavericks features.  Thanks to Apple for providing this information for us.

  1. Safari browser - Shared Links in Sidebar shows links posted by people you follow on Twitter and LinkedIn so you can keep up with your favorite topics and you can retweet quickly if you want to do that.  Safari saves battery and processor power by turning off animations and plug-ins in windows that are covered up by another window on screen.  In the Top Sites screen, you can add sites from your bookmarks and easily reorganize the thumbnails.
  2. Finder Tabs - Safari lets you have tabs to have access to multiple websites in one window and the Finder now lets you have the same thing.  Finder now lets you get a full screen view with a single click. 
  3. Tags - Now you have a new way to organize your files by applying a personalized tag to them.  When you need those files later, they will all be organized under that name.
  4. Maps - Directions you look up on your Mac can be sent to your iPhone. Clicking on points on the map will give you the address, phone number, website, photos and Yelp reviews.  Maps gives you Flyover, a 3D photo-realistic, completely interactive and entertaining view of some select cities around the world
  5. Calendar - An iOS 7 like new look and new features make managing your time faster. The new event inspector suggests addresses and points of interest when you type in a location. It shows your event’s location so you can quickly get directions. It displays the weather and calculates travel time. You can set a notification so you know when to head out.
  6. Interactive Notifications - Allows you to reply to a message, respond to or reject a FaceTime® call or delete an email, all without making you change what app you're working in. Websites can use notifications to give you the latest news, scores and more. While You Were Away Notifications lets you see notifications that happened while your Mac was sleeping.
  7. Full multi-monitor support takes full advantage of monitors connected to your Mac.  Each monitor has its own menu bar, and the Dock shows up on whichever screen you’re working on. You can have a full-screen app on one monitor and a few windows on another monitor or a full‑screen app separately on each monitor. You can turn your HDTV into a second monitor with your Apple TV and AirPlay.
  8. iBooks - Gives you access to your current iBooks library and more than 1.8 million textbooks, classics and latest best sellers in the iBooks store. iBooks works seamlessly across your devices, so you can start reading a book on your Mac, mark up what you're reading, then pick up where you left off on your iPad.
  9. iCloud Keychain - safely stores your website login information, credit card numbers and Wi-Fi passwords and makes them available on all your devices so you never need to remember them. Information is always safely protected with advanced encryption.
  10. New core technologies in Mavericks improves under the hood operations on your Mac. Timer Coalescing schedules low-level operations so the processor can spend more time in low-power mode. App Nap reduces power used by apps that you’re not using. Compressed Memory keeps your Mac fast by compressing inactive data. When inactive data is needed again, Mavericks decompresses it.
What are your thoughts about these new features in Mavericks?  Which features caught your attention?  Did you see any features you've been waiting for from Apple?

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