Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Anki Drive: Artificial Intelligence Race Cars!

Every so often, something comes out that is exciting, different and innovative.  Today, it is Anki Drive!      This is not your average race car game.  These cars include artificial intelligence to make the game even more fun.  When you think about playing normal race car video games, you have the option to race against the computer.  This real life game offers the same capability.  You can control your car using your iPhone and at the same time, your iPhone can control a second car that is acting as the computer controlled car to compete against you.  Or you can play against friends.

Take a look at the video by TechCrunch for more details about Anki Drive.

Anki Drive was introduced at WWDC earlier this year and of course it caught my (and I'm sure many others) attention.  I enjoy seeing new technology.

Recently, I went to the Apple Store in my area and I saw the Anki Drive there.  I was surprised that it was only in the package and there was no display for people to interact and test drive this game.  I know it's not an Apple product but since Apple provided time to Anki at WWDC, I thought they had an interest in the company.  This is just my 2 cents but I think Anki Drive would add a bit of excitement and fun to the Apple Store as they prepare for the holiday season.  It would also ensure people are aware of this great product.  That was just one store...maybe it's displayed in some of their other stores.

I'm excited about Anki Drive.  Will I get a starter kit this year?  Don't know.  I think I've been good this year.  We'll see what Santa brings.

What are your thoughts on the Anki Drive?  Is it a sign of the future of gaming?  Do you want one for the holidays?