Saturday, July 7, 2012

Let's Talk About...Plex

There are a few things in life that I really like and support.  Of course, Apple is one.  Another is Plex!  I've enjoyed and watched the growth of Plex since it was OSXBMC.  It was one of the reasons that I purchased my first Mac, a Mac Mini...about the size of 4 CD cases stacked on top of each other.  Guess what?  I still have that Mac Mini and it is still going strong...and it still has Plex on it.  Okay, just a little about Plex...back when FrontRow was common on Macs, users (including myself) wanted a better media center experience.  Plex was created...ok, at first it was OSXBMC...there were some creative went separate ways...Plex was created.  Plex provided a great media center experience then and continues to grow.  I can't cover all the features; there are just too many.  For now, I would say check out the website below and see if this is something you would like.  Later, I will highlight some of the features.

Here is the link to can download the server and client software for your computer(s) here.  You can also join MyPlex.  There are a bunch of tutorials on this website to get you started and take you places you may not have imagined.  Just look under Help.


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