Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Run Most Windows Games on Mac

Do you like Macs but can't play all the games you want?  This article provides another option to allow you to play most Windows games on a Mac.

Windows Games on Mac

Monday, August 20, 2012

Apple Most Valuable Public Stock Ever?

Apple's shares continue to rise even after its quarterly miss and it seems people still expect big things from this tech giant.

Most Valuable Public Stock Ever?

Apple Geniuses Serve 50K Customers Daily

As more people move to Macs and other Apple products, more customers look to the Apple Geniuses for help and support.

Geniuses Serve 50K Users Daily

Ecoute Music App

The Ecoute app offers another option for playing music on your IOS device.  The article and iTunes App link are below for more details and reviews.

Ecoute Music App

iTunes Page

How To Unsubscribe iPad Magazines

Do you have more iPad magazines subscriptions than you need?  Is the recurring cost too much?  I'm not really a fan of subscription services because you have to keep up with how much of your hard earned money leaves your account every month.  If you are trying to cut down on your subscriptions, below are instructions to do so.

Unsubscribe iPad Magazines

Should Apple Create an IOS Camera?

Would you buy a camera that takes great pictures with IOS on it to do even more?  I think it's an interesting idea, but not one that I have ever thought about.  Personally, I prefer to have one device that does a lot of things like the iPhone or iPad instead of carrying multiple devices.  I'm sure there are aspiring to professional photographers that want a better camera option than the iPhone.  Perhaps, this is what they need.

IOS Camera?

AT&T to Discontinue iPad Subsidies

It looks like AT&T will no longer offer subsidized iPads with 2 year contracts.  More details below.

No More iPad Subsidies

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The iPhone's Worth

10 years ago, would you have ever thought that today Apple would be the world's most valuable company?  Along those lines, would you have ever thought the iPhone sales would be worth more than Microsoft's sales?  Read on for the rest of the article.

iPhones Worth

iPod Nano Watch Kit

Now, your iPod Nano can have more style as you wear it as a watch.  It's a nice, creative concept.  I don't own a Nano but this makes me consider it.

iPod Nano Watch Kit

Can Apple Continue to Win After Steve Jobs?

How will Apple move forward after Steve Jobs?  Will they carry on his ideas?  Some people say Steve Jobs left behind a roadmap for the next few years.  This article suggests that Apple is falling behind the competition.  Read the article and let me know what you think.  Does it have any merit?

Can Apple Win After Steve Jobs?

New iPhone Front Panel

As anticipation builds to see what Apple will offer in the new iPhone, photos continue to surface to give us an idea of what to expect.

New iPhone Front Panel

Walmart Offers $100 iTunes Gift card for $80

Walmart is offering a $100 iTunes/App Store gift card for $80.  That's good news for anyone looking to save some money.

$80 for $100 Giftcard

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Does iPad Offer Cheaper Textbooks?

This article does a comparison between buying textbooks for the iPad and buying physical textbooks.  Take a look at the numbers to see if the iPad is more beneficial.

Does iPad Offer Cheaper Textbooks?

Crackle App Update

Crackle is an app that lets you watch free movies and TV shows.  This app has a new update that includes a new design and AirPlay support.  Click the link for more details.

Crackle App Update

AppleTV Hacks Giveaway

AppleTV Hacks recently passed a Facebook milestone and decided to offer a giveaway to show their appreciation.  Take a look at it.  There is still time to enter.

AppleTV Hacks Giveaway

Friday, August 17, 2012

Apple's Stock Continues to Surge

Should Apple represent USA in the olympics because they continually break records?  It reached a record high on Thursday and Friday.

New Record High

Is the iTV in Production?

This article suggests the iTV is already in full production.  It's possible we could see it this year.  Only time will tell if this rumor has any merit.

iTV in Production?

AT&T Won't Charge for FaceTime Over Cellular...But...

In this article, AT&T says it won't charge for using FaceTime over must be on one of their new Mobile Share plans.  It doesn't actually say but it seems like if you're using another data plan, you won't be able to use FaceTime over cellular.  

AT&T Won't Charge for FaceTime Over Cellular

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pinterest IOS Apps

Now that Pininterest has gotten rid of its invitation only policy, they have released IOS apps.  All the details are below.

Pininterests IOS Apps

Apple May Be Adopting Fingerprint Scanning

The article below discusses Apple's interest in AuthenTec, the company and the technology they offer.  It looked like Apple moved quickly and aggressively to work with and acquire the company leading to speculation about why Apple made these moves.

Apple Possible Fingerprint Scanning