Thursday, August 16, 2012

Small Business Square Offer

Square is a company that lets you use your iPhone or iPad to receive credit card payments.  Normally they charge a per swipe fee, but now for small businesses, the company is offering a flat fee.  The details are below.

Small Business Square Offer

iPad Mini Rumors Continue

The rumors continue below for the iPad Mini.  This is an interesting read but with so many rumors, it's difficult to know what's the truth.

More iPad Mini Rumors

What If The AppleTV Had Live Content?

What would you think if Apple provided live content?  Perhaps with the AppleTV?  Would that provide an edge over the competition?  This article says Apple is in talks for just such a venture.  More details below.

Apple in Talks for Live Content

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Construction Alerts in IOS 6 Maps

Maps in IOS 6 will tell you about construction and even goes into more detailed information.  Read the article below for all the details.

Construction Alerts in IOS 6 Maps

iPhone Works for the Government

Local and federal government have found uses for the iPhone.  Read on to see the innovative ways the iPhone is used.  See what cities are using the iPhones and how they use it.

iPhone Works for the Government

EA's Future Plans

EA is a smart gaming company and they always seem to keep up with technology and market their games accordingly.  This article discusses EA's future plans.  This lets us know what we can expect and on what platforms.

EA's Future Plans

Add Fonts to Notes on Mac

If you want to add more font options to Notes on Mac, here is a guide to help you.

Add Fonts to Notes on Mac

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Project Red Bumper for iPhone 4/4S

Apple released a Project Red bumper for the iPhone 4/4S in support of the Aids campaign.  Some people question why this was released with the new iPhone release expected soon.  Though I would like to think everyone will upgrade to the new iPhone, the reality is the iPhone 4/4S may be offered at lower prices attracting buyers.  People that buy the new iPhone will probably sell their current iPhone models so there should still be a customer base to purchase these bumpers.

Project Red Bumper for iPhone 4/4S

OWC Offer Macbook W/Retina SSD Upgrade

Other World Computing offers lots of Mac upgrade options.  That's where I purchased my memory upgrade for my Mac Mini (4 GB) and Macbook (8 GB).  Now, they are offering an SSD upgrade for the Retina Macbook.  Read the article and decide if this is something that interests you.

SSD Upgrade for Retina Macbook

Lost Documents in iCloud

Have you ever lost documents in iCloud?  I have not but I haven't used the feature in the ways described in the article yet.  If I do in the future, I know which article I can refer back to for help.

Lost Documents in iCloud

Apple to Pay Dividend on Thursday

Apple will pay out it's first quarterly dividend to its shareholders on Thursday.  Based on the article, it looks like the time has passed to get Thursday's dividend if you don't already own shares.  But if you still want to purchase shares, go for it.  The dividend will come back around next quarter.

Apple's Dividend

The iPad is Still Alive and Kicking

Apple continues to hold a large share of the tablet market even with more competitors.  Read on for the details on how well Apple is doing.

iPad Very Much Alive

Fantasy Football With IOS Devices

This article discusses apps that can assist you in researching and creating your Fantasy Football team.

Fantasy Football IOS Devices

Delete Multiple Photos on IOS Devices

Yesterday, we looked at deleting photos on your iPhone using Image Capture, but you can also delete multiple photos on the device.  This article provides the details for that so you can use whichever option works best for your needs.

Delete Multiple Photos on IOS Devices

Sprint Offers $100 Gift card With iPhone 4S Purchase

Sprint has already lowered the price of the iPhone 4S to $149.  Now, they are offering a $100 gift card with the purchase.  With all this combined, this could be a great incentive for buyers to get an iPhone 4S.

Sprint Offers Giftcard With iPhone 4S

Monday, August 13, 2012

How To Delete All iPhone Photos at Once

I have an 16 GB iPhone 4 and I'm always getting close to running out of storage space.  A lot of it is because of pictures (and apps). I'm not sure why I keep all my pictures when I know Photostream captures them and sends them to my Mac.  With this article, I can delete them all and make space on my iPhone.  Remember, like the article says, make sure you have your pictures backed up first.  I'm going to try this now.

Delete All iPhone Photos at Once

What Will Keep Investors in Apple?

This article suggests there are a couple of reasons for investors to buy Apple stocks.  Apple has the new  iPhone launch possibly right around the corner and a dividend payout coming up.  I would like to see how high Apple's stock price can go.

Should You Invest in Apple?

Is Apple Focused on AppleTV or Apple TV Set?

Which idea do you prefer?  AppleTV or an Apple TV set?  I think lots of people are excited about the possibility of an Apple TV set.  Do you think Apple will only focus on the AppleTV and scrap their plans for the TV set?  This article suggests that.  I'm still leaning towards the TV set.  We'll see what Apple decides...hopefully by the end of the year.

AppleTV or Apple TV Set?

Tired of Your iPhone Contract?

If you're tired of your iPhone contract, this article describes another option available.  You don't need a contract and you will probably save money.  It also offers a price comparison which may be helpful as you decide how you will purchase the next iPhone.

Tired of iPhone Contract?


This is a bit of an interesting concept.  This "theme" makes your iPad look like OSX.  It looks like you can still launch your apps; your experience will just be more like OSX than IOS.