Saturday, September 1, 2012

Fully Assembled iPhone 5

This article says the fully assembled iPhone 5 was caught on video in Berlin.  If this is true, we have our first glimpse of the device which looks a lot like what all the rumors were saying.  I kind of wonder if that is a decoy, but it matches the rumors.  I guess we'll see in about a week and a half.  Click below for the video.

Update:  This is just a mockup of the device.  See the more details link.

iPhone 5

More Details

Friday, August 31, 2012

New iPhone in Action

MacRumors has a video demo of what the new iPhone would look like in action.  Tune in below to watch.  The release is getting closer!

iPhone Video Demo

Walmart Testing iPhone Checkout

Walmart is testing a new checkout system using the iPhone.  I'm not sure if it's a good thing, but maybe it will cut down on long lines.

Walmart iPhone Checkout System

Sharp's iPhone Screen Production Behind Schedule

I just think this picture looks cool!  Anyway, the latest rumor is that Sharp is behind in its iPhone display production.  This could mean it may be harder for everyone to get their hands on the new iPhone when it's released.  But there are two other companies producing displays for the iPhone as well.

Sharp's iPhone Screen Production

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Parallels 8 Upgrade for Existing Users

Existing customers can now upgrade to Parallels 8.  It's not a free upgrade, but still a good upgrade.  For non-existing customers, if you're not familiar with this application, it let's you run Windows (and other operating systems) alongside OSX.  This can be good for new Mac users that still prefer the familiarity of Windows.  It can also help if some applications aren't supported by OSX.  Read below for what the new update offers and find out when the full version will be available for new customers.

Parallels 8 Upgrade

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Apple May Upgrade AirPlay

AirPlay currently works via WiFi.  It is a great application.  There is talk that Apple is going to upgrade AirPlay to not only work over WiFi but to work by creating a connection between 2 devices.  All the details are below.

AirPlay Upgrade

Apple 1 Going Up For Auction

An Apple 1 is going up for auction.  The previous one that was auctioned sold for over $300K.  I wish I had an Apple 1 to auction.  More details are below.

Apple 1 For Auction

Sunday, August 26, 2012

AT&T Vacation Blackout

AT&T has set vacation blackout dates.  Now, why would they do that?  Could it be to launch a new smartphone?  Perhaps, it's not just any smartphone...but the new iPhone!  Read below for the exact blackout dates.

AT&T Vacation Blackout

Friday, August 24, 2012

Verdict in Apple/Samsung Trial

This article discusses the verdict for the Apple/Samsung trial and the impact it had on Apple's stock.

Apple/Samsung Trial Verdict

Apple's Stock Hits New High Again

Tim Cook took over as CEO about a year ago.  Everyone had questions about the future of Apple without Steve Jobs when Cook first took office...and some people still have those questions.  This article shows how Tim Cook's first year as CEO went.

Apple's New High

More iPhone/iPad Mini Rumors

Below is the latest rumor about the new iPhone and iPad Mini release.  There is a possibility they won't be announced together.

More Rumors

New Mountain Lion Update

Mountain Lion released a new update.  Read through the article to see what the update offers and/or corrects.

Mountain Lion Update

VMWare Fusion 5

VMWare released a new version of Fusion that supports Mountain Lion and Windows 8.  Also, Fusion's competition, Parallels, is preparing to release an updated version.

VMWare Fusion 5

Facebook Releases Updated App

Facebook has just released an updated app for IOS devices.  This app was rewritten and is said to be faster.  More details are below.

Facebook Releases Updated App

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Updated Blog Layout

Okay, so now there is an updated layout. Please refer to the tabs at the top of the blog for Apple information.  This way, you can get all the latest Apple news and rumors while my blog focuses more on providing tips.  Please provide any constructive feedback on the new layout as I continue to make this blog better.

iPad Mini Production Ramp Up in September?

There are more rumors that the iPad Mini will ramp up production in September to be ready for the holiday season.  Who is excited about the iPad Mini?  I'm just curious.  I know a lot of people are waiting for the new iPhone.  Is this an added bonus?

iPad Mini Production

Steam Offers Counter Strike on Mac

I'm sure there are some Mac gamers that have been waiting on this.  Steam released Counter Strike: Global Offensive for Mac.  You just have to make sure your Mac meets the minimum requirements.  Read on for all the details.

Counter Strike on Mac

iTunes Account Security

iTunes has increased its security by adding security questions and a rescue email.  More details are below.

iTunes Account Security

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Is Your Mac Not Sleeping?

Are you having issues with your Mac not sleeping?  This article shows you how to determine what is keeping your Mac from sleeping.  You just have to be comfortable using Terminal.

Mac Not Sleeping?

Projectbook App Review

Are you trying to get more organization in your life?  Projectbook may be the app for you.  To find out, you can either look at the app description in iTunes, read the review below, or do both.

Projectbook Review