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Tips for Buying Apple Products

If you are considering buying an Apple product or adding a new Apple product to your collection,  I'm sure you want to make the best decision possible and balance features with cost.  If money is no object, then you can buy the latest and greatest product.  But if you're like me, you want to find the device that does what you need at the best price.  So, today, we will look at things to consider when buying different Apple products and also go over some resources for finding good prices.

Apple TV

Apple TV -- There is not much to say about Apple TV.  It is a small device with a small price tag.  You just want to look at the features before you buy so you can answer the question, "Is the Apple TV worth it?"  Once you've reviewed the features, you will know if it's something you want.


iMac -- Apple recently released a new, thinner model.  If you like the new design, you're not alone!  The only decisions you have to make is screen size and processor speed.  They all have 8 GB's of memory and a 1 TB hard drive.  All the processors are quad core so unless you are a "techie", you probably don't need the top of the line processor.

iPad and iPad Mini

iPad/iPad Mini -- Here you have 2 options.  You can get the full size iPad or you can get the iPad Mini.   The iPad will have higher resolution while the iPad Mini is more compact.  I like the iPad and I didn't think I would like the iPad Mini when it was released.  Most people dispute against the iPad Mini is that there is no new technology in it.  It's just smaller.  But there is something about it.  It's light and feels very like-able in your hands.  That's just my opinion and the best way I could describe it.  If you want either of these devices, go for it.  Just keep in mind, there is a possibility newer models could be and probably will be released later this year.  Then you have to decide if you need it now or if you can wait.


iPhone -- If you wanted the latest device, that's the iPhone 5.  If you can deal with a smaller screen to save money, that's the iPhone 4S.  If price is your largest concern, that's the iPhone 4.  If you don't want a contract, buy the phone outright and look for a prepaid plan.  Crunch the numbers.  You may pay more upfront but save more over the long term.

iPod -- You have a wide variety.  You have the Shuffle, Nano, Touch and Classic.  If you're just a music lover and don't need a display or apps, the Shuffle is for you.  If you prefer to have a display, then you can go with the other three.  If you want apps, then you're down to the Nano and Touch.  Then you just have to decide on the size and price you want.

Macbook Air

Macbook Air/Pro -- The Macbook Air is lightweight and very thin.  It's very portable but some features are missing to allow for the smaller size.  There is no DVD drive or ethernet port; you will have to purchase external accessories if those are a must.  You could use a thumb drive instead of the DVD drive and you could use the wireless connection instead of the ethernet port.  If the DVD drive and/or ethernet port are must-haves, you may prefer the Macbook Pro.  The Macbook Pro will also give you more storage than the Macbook Air.  If you look at those features, then you can choose the best Macbook for you.  If you want the top of the line, that's the Macbook Pro with Retina display.

Mac Mini

Mac Mini -- If you're looking for an entry Mac, the Mac Mini is a great choice!  Of course I like the Mac Mini.  You can use it as a media center computer and install Plex or you can use it as your desktop.  Either way, it will have a small footprint.  You just have to bring your own keyboard, mouse, and display.  This was my first Mac and I still have it...and still use it daily!

You can find most of these products in the Apple Newbies Store so take a look around.

In closing, I just want to say no matter what product or products you choose, with Apple, you will get a quality product.  I just wanted to familiarize you with your options and provide a few tips for buying Apple products.  I hope this information was helpful and you choose wisely.

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