Monday, April 15, 2013

Save Space on iPhone with Media Streaming

If you're like me, you purchased the 16 GB iPhone to save money.  It is a good option to save money but 16 GBs can fill up quickly.  Add your favorite apps, videos, music, and books and you'll see how quickly you can use up 16 GBs of storage.  No one wants to try to update their apps only to find out they don't have enough space.  Luckily, due to technology, it's not too large of an issue.  Let's look at a few ways you can save space on your iPhone with media streaming.

Before we jump into media streaming, if you want to cut space, make sure you remove any apps that you don't use regularly...or at all.  I'm sure we can all find a few that maybe were purchased because they were free and now we have no use for the app.  By only keeping useful apps on your iPhone, you'll cut down on space.

If you have a lot of videos, music, and playlists on your iPhone, you can cut back and use the following apps to increase your content while taking up less storage space:


You are probably already aware of this app.  If not, this is a FREE app that allows you to stream music to your iPhone.  You can create stations based on songs and artists that you like.  If you get bored of a station, you can either switch to another that you like or add another song or artist to your station to refresh your station.  This is a FREE app but because it is FREE, your music will have interruptions for advertisements.  You can opt for the subscription and then you can listen commercial free.

YouTube and Vevo

Just like using them on your home computer, you can use YouTube and Vevo apps for media streaming on your iPhone.  Together they have a huge selection of videos for your enjoyment.  Vevo focuses on music videos while YouTube has a lot of other video options.

Netflix, Hulu+, and Coolstreaming

You can always turn to Netflix and Hulu+ to watch your favorite television shows and movies on your schedule, even when you're away from home.  This will really increase your content while taking up little space on your iPhone.  You will need subscriptions to enjoy Netflix and Hulu+ on your iPhone.  Coolstreaming is a new (and FREE) app to me, but I'm already liking it.  The reviews on it are average (about 3 stars), but I'm currently watching live television using Coolstreaming and AirPlay to display it on my television through my AppleTV.  So, when this app is working as it should, you should be able to watch live television while you're on the go.  

These apps are just the tip of the iceberg.  There are more apps available that will allow you to stream even more content so make sure you browse through the app store.  This is a good start though to show you how you can save space on your iPhone with media streaming.  

Unfortunately, some of these apps may be tough on your battery so make sure you have a charger nearby.  But overall, now you have lots of options for entertainment on your iPhone!

Did you find these tips helpful?

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