Monday, April 8, 2013

How to Use AirPrint with Your iPod, iPad, or iPhone

AirPrint for your iPod, iPad, or iPhone

There is a common misconception about Apple and its products.  Everyone thinks because Apple is proprietary, their devices don't play well with others.  Apple wants you to use all their products because they believe it will give you the best may provide a better experience, but it's not your only option.  I use a Linksys router on my home network and rarely have any issues.  I also use a Western Digital external hard drive for my Time Machine backups.  Once again, it's rare that I have any problems.  Now, that's cleared up so let's look at how to use AirPrint on your iPod, iPad, or iPhone.

I honestly don't use AirPrint much.  I haven't really thought about the feature.  If I'm home and I want to print, I'm usually on my Macbook.  There could be other situations when you may need to use AirPrint.  Someone mentioned printing on iPads today in a casual conversation.  I didn't know all the details off the top of my head.  I knew of it and a few general details.  Enough to let the person know AirPrint should work with different printers.  Once I got home, I did some quick research...literally, in 5 minutes (maybe less), I had printed from my iPad.   So if you need to learn more about this feature, this will be a quick tutorial.

For printers, the main things you have to do is verify that your printer is AirPrint capable and that your iOS device is on the same home network as your printer.  You can find a list of compatible printers here.

Once, you know your printer is AirPrint capable or you have purchased an AirPrint capable printer, you can easily begin printing from your iPhone, iPod, or iPad. You can AirPrint from apps that include the print capability.  To test AirPrint, I used the Notes app.  To initiate AirPrint on your iOS device, just follow these steps:

  1. Inside the app you are using, look for the Sharing icon and select it.
  2. Then select the Print button
  3. Then select your Printer if it's not already selected and press Print.
  4. That's it!  Too easy, right?
Keep in mind, not all apps will have the AirPrint feature.  You may need to try one that you would expect to have the feature (such as the Notes app) just to ensure it works.  Then you can enjoy AirPrint on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod.

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  1. hi, thanks for the article
    any other printing apps that you could suggest at all please? somebody told me the print n share app is quite good esp for airprint if needed

  2. Hello,

    Thank you for the comment. I haven't tried any of the various printing apps at this time. Based on quick research, I would say Print N Share ( does have good reviews. The same company also offers a free app called Print Direct ( This article is a little dated but it may help as well...,2817,2402503,00.asp.