Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Apple Announcements: iPad, iPad Mini, 13 Inch Macbook With Retina, iMac, and Mac Mini

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The announcements have been made and it looks like the rumors were pretty much on target.  For Apple product lovers, there are some new toys to enjoy.  This includes the Fourth Generation iPad, the super-thin iMac, the 13 inch Macbook Pro with Retina, the updated Mac Mini, and of course, the iPad Mini!  As usual, I am interested in the Mac Mini...the tiny workhorse.  But it was the iMac that shocked me; I was surprised to see the thin iMac.  I'm not trying to start the next rumor, but after seeing the new iMac, I can't help but wonder what Apple could do with the iTV...if they were to make it.

MacRumors did a round up of the announcements for the day.  Take a look at the articles below.  There are a couple of videos at the bottom as well.  Enjoy!  And let me know what you think about Apple's updated and new products.

Apple Introduces New 7.9-Inch iPad Mini Starting at $329
Apple Announces Fourth-Generation iPad with Lightning Connector, New A6X Chip
Apple Announces Lighter, Thinner iMac Models with Fusion Drive
Apple Introduces 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display
Apple Introduces New Mac Mini With Faster Processors and Quad-Core Option

First Impressions and Hands On with iPad Mini
Hands On with Apple's New 13-Inch Retina MacBook Pro

Some Apple Retail Stores Offering 30-Day Window to Exchange iPads for New Model
Apple's New 'Fusion Drive' Not a Typical Hybrid Drive
iPad Mini Supports Siri, iPad 2 Still Doesn't
Apple Devices to Support Many New International LTE Networks In Coming Months
21.5" iMac Has No User-Upgradable RAM; 27" Has Four Accessible RAM Slots
Apple Announces Updated iBooks App With Continuous Scrolling
Apple Updates iBooks Author with New Templates and Remote Update Feature

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Monday, October 22, 2012

Apple Media Event Around the Corner

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Apple's Media Event is Tuesday, October 23, 2012.  This media event is supposed to reveal updated iMacs, 13 inch Macbook Pros with Retina, and Mac Minis (my favorite!).  But of course, the main attraction is the iPad Mini.  Apple has had huge success with the full size iPad but never entered into the smaller tablet market.  Apple's competition seized the opportunity and began offering smaller tablets.  Now, Apple is about to enter the market with the iPad Mini.  How do you think the iPad Mini will be received?

Below is an article that discusses the venue for the Apple Media Event...the California Theatre.

California Theatre for Apple Media Event

Apple to Stop Using Samsung LCD Panels in 2013

Apple Blowout at

Well, it seems like this would be the next logical step as Apple and Samsung continue their tumultuous (thanks auto-correct) relationship.  This is a relationship that has gone from Samsung being a major supplier for Apple to court cases and jab throwing commercials.  Rumor has it Samsung has been shipping less and less LCD panels to Apple and may not supply LCD panels to Apple after 2013.  For all the details, the complete article is below.  Do you think this is the best solution for Apple and Samsung?

Apple to Stop Using Samsung LCD Panels

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Apple Media Event Rumor Roundup

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There are a lot of rumors for the Apple Media event expected for next Tuesday.  MacRumors has done a rumor roundup so I have it for you below.  New information has surfaced since then in regards to pricing of the new products.  Those links are also below.  You can look through all the latest information below and let me know what you think about the rumors and the expected prices as well.

Rumor Roundup

13 Inch Macbook Pro with Retina Pics

Updated iPad and Possible Pricing

iPad Mini Pricing

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Apple Media Event Invites and More

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Apple sent out invitations for its next media event planned for Oct. 23rd.  We've already heard rumors about what will be unveiled.  The iPad Mini is probably the most anticipated but there are rumors that Apple will also release updated iMacs, 13" Macbook Pros with Retina, and Mac Minis.  Will we see all, some, or none?  I think the iPad Mini will be the highlight and will definitely be unveiled.  The other products are hopefuls...users hope to see updates on these.  We will see what Apple has to say on Oct. 23rd.

There are also rumors of the iPad Mini launching on Nov. 2nd and there are pictures of iPad Mini displays.  More details are below.

Apple Media Event Invites

iPad Mini Launch Building Speculation

iPad Mini Displays

New iPod Nano Teardown

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The iPod Nano has been updated and iFixit has completed a teardown so we can see how Apple has created this product.  Not only can you see the components, but you can also learn which product manufacturers Apple has been working with.  Read below for more details.

New iPod Nano Teardown

Monday, October 15, 2012

Apple May Launch New Mac Mini

Mac mini Dual-Core Intel Core i5 2.5GHz, 4GB RAM, 500GB Hard Drive, AMD Radeon HD 6630M, Thunderbolt Mac mini Dual-Core Intel Core i5 2.5GHz, 4GB RAM, 500GB Hard Drive, AMD Radeon HD 6630M, Thunderbolt
Mac mini Dual-Core Intel Core i5 2.5GHz, 4GB DDR3 memory, 500GB SATA hard drive, AMD Radeon HD 6630M graphics processor, 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Gigabit Ethernet, HDMI, SDXC card slot, Thunderbolt

Beyond a doubt, I had to tell you about this rumor!  I am a huge fan of the Mac Mini and it was the first Mac I bought.  I purchased my Mac Mini in 2007 I think and I still use it every day.  It currently functions as my media server and media center.  I think it is a great device for anyone wanting to move to a Mac while saving money.  You provide the monitor, keyboard, and mouse...but you probably already have them anyway.  The Mac Mini takes up so little space.  It's awesome!

Anyway, the latest rumor is that Apple will introduce an updated Mac Mini along with the iPad Mini.  Just based on their names, it makes some sense.  I don't see Apple making any extreme updates but it may be tempting enough for me to move up from my 2007 model.  It will be a sad and happy day if I retire my Mac Mini and get a new Mac Mini.  More details on the launch are below.  Is anyone else as excited as I am?

Possible Mac Mini Launch

Mac mini Dual-Core Intel Core i5 2.3GHz, 2GB RAM, 500GB Hard Drive, Intel HD Graphics 3000, Thunderbolt Mac mini Dual-Core Intel Core i5 2.3GHz, 2GB RAM, 500GB Hard Drive, Intel HD Graphics 3000, Thunderbolt
Mac mini Dual-Core Intel Core i5 2.3GHz, 2GB DDR3 memory, 500GB SATA hard drive, Intel HD Graphics 3000 processor, 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Gigabit Ethernet, HDMI, SDXC card slot, Thunderbolt

Apple iMac Hard Drive Replacement

Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac is lets you seamlessly run Windows and Mac applications side-by-side

Apple has started a program to replace some Seagate hard drives that may fail in 2009-2011 iMacs.  It's unfortunate that hard drives are failing but Apple is working proactively to help users.  This ensures owners can enjoy the best possible experience with their devices.  Hopefully, this will catch a lot of hard drive issues before something really happens.  Does anybody own the models below?  If so, will you take advantage of this opportunity?  Why or why not?

Per Apple's support website...

"Apple has determined that certain Seagate 1TB hard drives used in 21.5-inch and 27-inch iMac systems may fail. These systems were sold between October 2009 and July 2011."

iMac Seagate Hard Drive Expanded

Apple Seagate Replacement Program

$30 off Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac when you switch from VMware Fusion

Friday, October 12, 2012

iPad Mini Media Event Oct 23?

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The latest rumor is that Apple is planning its iPad Mini media event for Oct 23rd.  I haven't really heard a lot about the demand for this device so I'm not sure how successful the launch will be.  I think Apple has done their research so I believe it has enough demand.  I just don't know if it will sell like the iPad.  What are your thoughts?

I kind of like the idea of having an iPad on the refrigerator (like the picture below) but it may work better with the iPad Mini.  What do you think?

More details about the media event are here...
iPad Mini Event

iPhone 5 Demand Almost Doubles iPhone 4S

MacMall Deal of the Day

A survey of consumers was conducted and it seems the demand for the iPhone 5 is almost double what it was for the iPhone 4S.  That is understandable since the iPhone 4S was more of a modest update while the iPhone 5 involved a complete redesign.  More details are included in the article.  I'm circling around getting an iPhone 5.  It's not an issue of the's trying to find the best carrier plan.  If anyone has any good ideas, please let me know!  I will continue to research and will share whatever I find out.

iPhone 5 Demand

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New iPods Ad and Reviews

Apple has introduced a new television advertisement for the new iPods including the Shuffle, Nano, and Touch.  This is just my opinion but I think the ad appears fun and energetic.  Take a look at it and let me know what you think.  Would you buy one of the new iPods?  I think I could see some for Christmas presents.

Also, here are reviews for the Touch and Nano...

New iPod Reviews

Monday, October 8, 2012

Apple May Ship 10 Million iPad Minis

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According to component suppliers, Apple may be gearing up to ship 10 million iPad Minis in the 4th Quarter!   The iPad Mini still hasn't been officially announced yet but the rumor mill talks of an announcement this month.  Do you think Apple could sell 10 million iPad Minis or do you think the demand will be low and competition will be fierce?

10 Million iPad Minis

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Setting Up a Mac

Apple Blowout at

If you are new to Mac or about to purchase your first Mac, this is a great tutorial to show you how to setup your Mac.  It's a pretty simple process but if you're completely new to the Apple ecosystem, this could be helpful.  If you've already made the transition, I'm proud of you.  If you are about to make the transition, I know you will enjoy it.  And my blog is always here to assist.

Setting Up a Mac

Good News for Previous MobileMe Users

Previous MobileMe users have something to be happy about.  Unfortunately, if you like MobileMe, it's not that it will be coming back.  When the service was cancelled, you should have received 20 GB of iCloud storage.  This is now being extended for an extra year.  Sounds good to me even though I don't think I am a lucky recipient.  What do you think?

Good News for MobileMe Users

Apple Maps Seeing Improvements

Apple has been receiving bad feedback about their new Maps app that rolled out with iOS 6.  It is often compared to Google Maps because that was the Map app of choice originally on the previous iPhones.  Tim Cook issued an apology and said Apple is working hard to correct the Map app.  This article says users can see some of the effort already as the Maps app is already improving.  I wouldn't say dramatically, but improving nonetheless.

Apple Map Improvements

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Installed A SSD in 13" Macbook and Mac Mini

OCZ Technology 256GB Octane Series - Solid state drive (SSD) - Internal - 2.5" - SATA III (OCT1-25SAT3-256G) only $139.99 after Mail-in Rebate. Ends 10/10

I have a Macbook and a Mac Mini. You may know this already. Recently I decided to upgrade them both with Solid State Drives (SSD). Both had 80 GB drives and I was looking to increase storage and performance. I looked around the internet and was able to find 2- 120 GB SSDs at a reasonable price. Due to the price of SSDs, I couldn't find larger SSDs for a price I was willing to pay. After the fact, I found the special sale above and the company also had great prices on Apple computers and accessories. You may want to check it out and get the deal I missed. Here is a video of a hard drive replacement…pretty easy. The fast forward noise is a little cheesy but good information nonetheless. During the video, you can also see where the memory is located…2 modules stacked on top of each other...if you decide to upgrade it later.


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Apple 4Q Earnings Oct 25

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For those interested in how Apple is doing as a company, Apple will be announcing it's 4 Quarter earnings on Oct 25.  We will be able to see how sales have been doing.  Depending on the results, Apple's stock price will either go up, down, or stay the same.  What are your thoughts on this?

Apple 4Q Earnings

iPad Mini Production in Brazil

KeyFolio Bluetooth Keyboard Case for new Apple iPad (3rd generation)  iPad 2 & iPad

The latest news says that Foxconn is producing the iPad Mini in Brazil to get ready for a launch.  The device is expected to be announced this month.  Are you excited about the iPad Mini?

iPad Mini Production in Brazil

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Apple Releases Update for Verizon iPhone 5

Slim Folio Case with Stand for iPhone 5 - Black/White

It looks like some users are having problems with their Verizon iPhone 5 using cellular data when the phone is connected to wifi networks.  That's not good!  No one wants to be wrongfully charged.  Apple released an update to correct the issue with the Verizon iPhone 5.  If you read through the comments of the article, some people wonder if the AT&T iPhone 5 has the same issue.  More details are below.

Verizon iPhone 5 Update

P.S.  If you like the case in the picture above, click it for more information.

Mac Desktops

What You Need to Know About Mac Desktops

What set the distinction of Mac desktops were the reasons why they became the top choices of business and creative professionals: exceptional performance, unique style, and user-friendly applications. But before choosing your Mac desktop, it is necessary to know which of the choices best fit your lifestyle and professional needs.

The diversity of the Mac desktop line has offered many options to enjoy the Mac experience. The current Mac desktop collection features three distinct yet equally remarkable machines you can choose from: the Mac mini, the iMac, and the Mac Pro. Get to know more of these items and find out which of the three desktops suit your needs the most for your enjoyment.

Speed and Power:
How Fast Do They Run?

In desktops, performance is measured by the speed of the processor and the size of the memory. Mac desktops come with different configurations to cater to a wide range of advanced users and beginners with varying performance requirements.

The new Mac Pro is the fastest, most powerful Mac ever, powered by either Intel Xeon Nehalem or Westmere processor, or even both. The Intel Xeon processor comes with a single-processor, quad–core configuration at speeds up to 3.2GHz; while the Westmere series is available in both quad–core and 6–core versions. And since Mac Pro can operate with the two processors, you can have a 6–core Mac Pro at 3.33GHz, an 8–core system at 2.4GHz, or, to max out your performance, a 12–core system at up to 2.93GHz.

If your tasks are less demanding, the iMac offers quad-core Intel i7 processors with up to 2.93GHz and supports up to 8GB of RAM; while the Mac mini has Intel Core 2 Duo processors with speed that reaches up to 2.66GHz and supports up to 8GB of RAM.

Multimedia Experience:
How Enjoyable Are Macs?

Your digital life will go beyond the usual with Mac desktops, as they use the latest wireless technology complemented by cutting-edge graphics and simple-to-use applications.

For instance, the Mac Pro redefines graphics capabilities through the ATI Radeon HD 5770 with 1 GB GDDR5 SDRAM memory, giving you brand new audio and visual experiences. And since the iMac adopted the all-in-one design concept, it has combined a display screen in 21.5–inch and 27–inch glossy widescreen models with a webcam, a microphone, and speakers, making it the most complete multimedia package among the three desktops.

But if you wish to enhance your multimedia experience by integrating a Mac desktop with home entertainment devices, the Mac mini is the best pick because of its tiny footprint and DVI/VGA output.

Data Access and Storage:
How Reliable Are Mac Desktops?

All Mac desktops are equipped with two types of drives that serve distinct purposes: a hard drive for storing data and an optical drive for accessing and burning data on CDs and DVDs. Also, its Superdrive feature with double-layer support enables all three desktops to read and burn CDs and DVDs.

The Mac mini comes with ample storage of up to 500GB while the iMac and the Mac Pro offer terabyte capacities at 7200-rpm. Additionally, the Mac Pro is assembled with an open optical drive bay to accommodate an extra Superdrive.

Size and Design:
Can Mac Desktops Complement Your Style?

Apple has always blazed the design trail – never settling for the banal and constantly pushing the envelope of form and style. But it is not all about aesthetics; each element of design enhances the computer’s utility inside and out.

If you prefer a unit that requires a minimal space, you can choose between the Mac mini and the iMac. The former has a small form factor with the simplicity of the Zen-like design. It weighs a mere 3.0 pounds, making it light enough to transport anywhere in your home. Meanwhile, the iMac saves your space with its svelte all–in–one construction that combines the display screen and CPU into a single unit, liberating your desk from clutter and the ghastly tangle of wires.

The Mac Pro, on the other hand, is anything but small. With a height of 20.1 inches and a weight of over 40 pounds, the unit looks magnificent from the outside with its sleek, aluminum, industrial frame. But its interior is even more interesting due to its intelligent structure that makes DIY hardware upgrades quick and hassle–free.

Which Mac Desktop Suits Your Budget?

The cost always depends on your needs and demands. The most affordable way to get into the Mac experience is the Mac mini with a starting price of $599. Its minute dimensions and built-in wireless connectivity allow you to move the unit conveniently to any corner of your living space. With the Mac mini, you can always bring the Mac experience wherever you go.

The price of iMac, on the other hand, starts at $1199. Its unique all–in–one design and solid overall performance make it an incredibly attractive package for mainstream PC users who wants to switch to a Mac desktop.

The Mac Pro, which is purposely created to be a high performance machine, has the starting price of $2499 – a friendly rate for the many possibilities you can expect with this one ultimate desktop.

Now that you are well–equipped with the necessary information about Mac desktops, it will be easier for you to choose which Mac is best for you.

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