Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Apple Media Event Invites and More

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Apple sent out invitations for its next media event planned for Oct. 23rd.  We've already heard rumors about what will be unveiled.  The iPad Mini is probably the most anticipated but there are rumors that Apple will also release updated iMacs, 13" Macbook Pros with Retina, and Mac Minis.  Will we see all, some, or none?  I think the iPad Mini will be the highlight and will definitely be unveiled.  The other products are hopefuls...users hope to see updates on these.  We will see what Apple has to say on Oct. 23rd.

There are also rumors of the iPad Mini launching on Nov. 2nd and there are pictures of iPad Mini displays.  More details are below.

Apple Media Event Invites

iPad Mini Launch Building Speculation

iPad Mini Displays

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