Friday, October 26, 2012

iPad Mini Preorders...and My Thoughts

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Now you can preorder the iPad Mini in white or black.  It seems like there may be more demand (or less stock) for this new Apple product.  In under 20 minutes after opening for preorder, the white iPad Mini was already sold out of its initial stock.  If you order a white iPad Mini now, expect to wait about 2 weeks before it will be shipped.  The black iPad Mini is still available for delivery on November 2nd.  Who knows how long that will last?  It may change before I finish writing this post.  Below are articles about the white iPad Minis initial stock being sold out and some preorders already being prepared for shipment.

At first, I didn't think I would be affected by the iPad Mini launch but I'm already starting to like the device.  The screen is smaller, but the device is lighter.  Plus, it has Siri.  I think I will be okay with my iPad 2...without Siri.  In the future, I'm not sure if I would choose the larger iPad or the iPad Mini whenever I decide to upgrade.  What are your thoughts?

Initial White iPad Mini Stock Sold Out

Some iPad Mini Preorders Preparing for Shipment

iPad Mini


  1. My thought is that the internal specs of the iPad Mini are left over parts from the iPad 2. Therefore, when the iPad Mini 2 comes out, it will look like Apple really improved on the original, except that what they did was hold back on this one. They left a ton of room for improvement on the screen resolution too. Apple has the technology to have made what they're releasing as next year's iPad Mini this year. But, to hit the same profit level the price would of had to have been even higher than $330. They did the same thing with the original iPad. They figure they'll just ride that strong brand loyalty this year and then force everyone to buy a new iPad Mini again next year. (the iPad Mini that should/could have been released this year)

    1. Interesting theory. I don't have insight into the Apple corporation to know if that is true or false. What do you think about the price of the iPad Mini? Do you think it will be competitive at that price point? And how well do you think it will sell with the current specs?

    2. I do think the price of the iPad Mini is too high. It's old tech on a physically smaller form factor. No new technology was introduced with the iPad mini. However, it will sell like hot cakes. I'm 100% sure there are a ton of people who so desperately wanted an iPad, but couldn't afford the "full size" version. The iPad Mini is for them. BUT, for a measly $70 more a consumer would be smart to compare the the iPad Mini to the just-released Nexus 10 with it's better-than-Retina display and full arsenal of bleeding edge tech.

    3. When it comes to tablets, the iPad is the standard. It's expected that the iPad Mini will sell well. The iPad Mini does provide a more affordable and lightweight option to consumers that don't require a full size iPad. It would be an unfair comparison to put an iPad Mini against a 10 inch tablet. I think a person would compare smaller tablets or larger tablets. In the end, everyone is free to compare tablets and decide what best fits their needs. I would hope that they would choose Apple.