Monday, July 29, 2013

IOS 7 Features You May Not Know About

There are a lot of changes in iOS 7 for the iPhone since the software was overhauled.  At WWDC, Apple covered many of the changes but there are some changes they did not cover.  This video is to catch you up on the uncovered changes.  The guy in the video (SoldierKnowsBest) talks a little fast but you can pause, rewind, or replay as needed.  This is some very good information and there is a recap below.

Here are some changes in iOS 7 that you may not know.  Some are very minor but others may come in handy.

Spotlight search -- Instead of having to scroll to the left to access spotlight search, you can now access the feature by sliding your finger from the middle of the screen.  Before you would only see the spotlight seemed like you opened a search app because the search was your complete focus.  Now it feels more integrated with the iOS while you're searching.  Honestly, right now, I rarely use spotlight search so I guess I will find out if that's because of the location.  Now, that it will be slightly easier to access and more integrated with the regular screen, I may use it more often.

Clock app -- If you start a timer under the clock app, when you lock your iPhone, the timer will display below the current time.  In previous iOS versions, if you start a timer and lock your iPhone, the timer is not displayed.  If you want to check the status of your timer, you must unlock your iPhone.  So, if you use the timer function a lot, the new iOS will make the timer a bit more helpful.

Turn off iPhone -- Along with all the modern tweaks in iOS 7, you will notice how it now turns off slightly differently.  Now, you receive the see through "slide to power off" button.  As you slide to power off in iOS 7, the screen will begin to dim to reflect the action.  This isn't a big's just a nice little touch feature that most people may overlook.

Unlock your iPhone screen -- So after you have locked your iPhone screen, currently, you have to click the Home button, then click "slide to unlock".  With iOS 7, you can "slide to unlock" from anywhere on the screen.  This feature may save you a little time.

Multitasking -- Now with multitasking, you get a preview of the apps that are currently open.  This works when your screen is displaying portrait or landscape mode.  You can also close multiple apps at once simply by grabbing them and sliding up.  This can be very helpful if you normally have a lot of apps open and want to close them.  Currently, you would double click the Home button, then hold your finger on the multitask panel until the app icons began to shake.  Then you tap the "x" on each app to close them.

App Store wish list - In iOS 7, the app store will offer a wish list option.  When browsing apps, if you're not completely sure about buying the app, you can add it to your wish list.  This may be helpful if you normally purchase a lot of apps at once.  You can browse apps and add them to your wish list.  Then you have them all in one place when you're ready to purchase.

Passbook scan feature -- In iOS 7, when using Passbook, you now have scan functionality where you can scan QR codes.

Maps app -- The app now has a compass in the top corner to help you navigate.

Phone keypad -- In the new iOS, when you are dialing a number on the keypad, as you select a number, your background will display.  This is a very subtle change.

Camera app -- You will now be able to pinch to zoom while recording video.  This will help with focusing your video and may produce videos with a bit more appeal...all depends on what you're zooming in on I guess.  If you take a lot of panoramic photos, you can now use those photos for your iPhone background.  This is interesting because you can move your iPhone around and it will display different parts of the panoramic background.

That's a recap of all the features that were covered in the video.  I hope you find some of the new features cool or helpful.  With this tutorial, by the time iOS 7 comes out, you will already know a lot about it.

What do you think about iOS 7 and its new features?

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