Monday, July 15, 2013

Apple iWatch in 2013?

In the news (or should I say rumor sites) recently, there has been talk about Apple possibly releasing the iWatch this year.  Reports say Apple has been hiring lately for their iWatch project.  Earlier this month, Apple filed for the iWatch trademark in Russia, Japan, Taiwan, Mexico, and many other places.  Normally, this is a sign that Apple is preparing to release a product in the near maybe the next year or so.

I normally try to stay away from rumors on Apple Newbies but I'll occasionally make an exception for  a potential new product.  It seems like a small product but I wonder what capabilities could an iWatch have.  What use would I have for a smart watch?  Could it be a more convenient way to access iPhone or iPod features?  Would it work with other Apple products or would the iWatch eventually replace other products?

For your viewing enjoyment, watch what Apple Bytes has to say about the Apple iWatch.  They have a few renderings of how the Apple iWatch could possibly look.  The video also covers a few other topics such as Apple's Back to School promotion,  an illumination system for iPhones, combined input port, and an Apple buying guide.

I'm waiting to see what Apple will release for the iWatch and what capabilities the device will have.  I'm excited but not overly excited because we don't know when it will be officially announced and released.  I guess in the meanwhile, it gives us something to think about.

What do you think about Apple's potential iWatch?

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