Saturday, June 30, 2012

Learning Mac OSX Gestures Part 2

When it comes to gestures, there have been some changes in Lion.  Some people like these changes; other people struggle with these changes.  Whichever category you fall into, it's good to know that some gestures can be tailored to your liking.  Check out the article...

How to Change Gestures

Learning Mac OSX Gestures Part 1

Gestures is a nice feature in Mac OSX, Snow Leopard and Lion.  You may already know a few gestures, learning more should help.  Who knows, you may find the gestures more intuitive than your current way of doing things.  Article below.

Gestures for Mac OSX

Friday, June 29, 2012

Farewell MobileMe

Make sure you read this article for Apple's transition from MobileMe to iCloud...

Farewell MobileMe

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Power Point to Keynote

Do you need, want, or like to create and display presentations to clients, friends, coworkers, etc?  Do you have new Apple products that you would like to keep involved in your presentations?  Then you may enjoy this article.  It tells you about the good and bad of moving to Keynote.  This way you can make an educated decision instead of jumping in head first.

Learn Keynote

Atari on iPad/iPhone--Free!

For the classic gamers, there still may be time to get in on this free app for the iPad and iPhone.  Hurry!

Atari App

Macbook Pro with Retina Review

Another good article if you have the money or you just crave the latest and greatest gadget.  Apple created an insane that's better than their already great laptops.

Macbook Pro with Retina

iPad Power Consumption

This is an interesting article for people that own or are thinking about owning an iPad.  Good news is that the device doesn't consume much power.  I don't want to still too much of the article's thunder so I'll just let you read on for all the details.

iPad Energy Consumption

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Do You Know This iPhone Feature?

Do you know what I think is awesome about iPhones?  I like that the device is so feature rich; I'm always finding either new features or features I have forgotten.  I remember when I first purchased an iPhone and began sending messages.  I wondered about using emoticons like on Yahoo Messenger.  It looks like this feature was introduced in IOS is called Emoji, a Japanese term (according to Wikipedia).  Using the instructions in the link, you can also add additional keyboards to your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Emoji and International Keyboards

Monday, June 25, 2012

Do Mac Users Have Expensive Taste?

Do Mac users have expensive taste?  The article below seems to say so.  This company lists more expensive hotels to Mac users accessing the website...that is if you don't search based on price.  This is a good, brief article to check out so you are aware.  I'm not sure if this is the first company to do this, but I'm sure it won't be the last.

Orbitz lists more expensive hotels for Mac users

Saturday, June 23, 2012

New Drobos Introduced With Thunderbolt

Not limited to Macs but could be a nice addition depending on what you desire for storage capabilities.  Thunderbolt included.

New Drobos Introduced

Sharp to supply Apple TV set parts to Foxconn this year?

Sharp to supply Apple TV set parts to Foxconn this year?

This is good information for people interested in the Apple television or the iTV...not to be confused with the current AppleTV which is only a set top box and not an actual television set.


Hello!  I'm excited to welcome everyone to my new blog.  This blog is Apple (company, products, and related information) focused.  I want to help new Apple users have the best Apple experience possible.  Since I'm just standing up this blog, please bear with me.  I'm sure there will be some growing pains.  Still, I'm excited!  I am an Apple supporter now, but I wasn't always.  I was just like many people; I was used to Windows.  When the first iPod came out, I decided not to pay the price for an iPod.  I thought I could get a better product from another company that offered twice the storage space for a cheaper price.  I never even looked at the iPod.  It turns out my MP3 player was cheaper but turned out to be twice as big and heavy.  That may be an exaggeration but that's how it felt when I compared it to my friend's iPod.  Shortly after, I got my first iPod and the transition to Apple products began.  Stay tuned for more of my Apple stories.  Once again, welcome!