Saturday, June 23, 2012


Hello!  I'm excited to welcome everyone to my new blog.  This blog is Apple (company, products, and related information) focused.  I want to help new Apple users have the best Apple experience possible.  Since I'm just standing up this blog, please bear with me.  I'm sure there will be some growing pains.  Still, I'm excited!  I am an Apple supporter now, but I wasn't always.  I was just like many people; I was used to Windows.  When the first iPod came out, I decided not to pay the price for an iPod.  I thought I could get a better product from another company that offered twice the storage space for a cheaper price.  I never even looked at the iPod.  It turns out my MP3 player was cheaper but turned out to be twice as big and heavy.  That may be an exaggeration but that's how it felt when I compared it to my friend's iPod.  Shortly after, I got my first iPod and the transition to Apple products began.  Stay tuned for more of my Apple stories.  Once again, welcome!

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