Sunday, January 6, 2013

Cookoo: The Watch of the Future

Cookoo:  Watch of the Future?

Technology is always advancing but sometimes, it just seems like technology is stuck in one place.  When that happens, sometimes all it takes is one new, great device to get technology moving again.  Apple proved that with the iPod, iPhone, and iPad.  Isn’t it time technology moved forward with the watch?

Watch of the future?

ConnecteDevice Ltd has introduced the potential watch of the future:  Cookoo, the connected watch!   The watch functions as an extension of your smartphone with the following features:

  • Notifications (Incoming & missed calls, Facebook messages & posts, low battery, and reminders)
  • Facebook check-in
  • Find missing devices
  • Take pictures from you phone

The future of the watch of the future

I don’t know where the company will be taking the Cookoo watch in the future but I think they have made a great start.  I can only imagine that the watch will gain more features in the future.  It will have to because there is always competition.  In order to stay at the top, the watch will have to continue to advance.  As for right now, the Cookoo watch has the potential to become the watch of the future!

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