Monday, November 5, 2012

New iPad, Old iPad. Now What?

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Many people are getting their hands on the latest offerings from Apple, the iPad Mini and the updated iPad 4.  Both are great devices with strong demand.  Now, many are probably enjoying their new gadgets.  They can watch videos, play games, help manage your life, and much more thanks to all the apps available in Apple's app store.  Plus, they have a sleek design.

While you are enjoying your new iOS device, guess who is lurking in the background?  Guess who used to have your attention but now goes unnoticed?  Have you completely forgotten about your old device?  Did you buy the first iPod?  Where is that iPod now?  Mine sits in storage...and it probably still works!

So what will happen to your old iOS device?  Is it doomed to the same fate as my first iPod?  Some people will choose to keep that device for use in another room...or maybe a car!  Others may pass the older device on to a family member.  I think most people will look to sell their older iOS device.  I feel weird saying may be less than a year old!  If you're trying to decide, here are some options for your older iPad...

New iPad Old iPad

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